Immersió lingüística de 4t ESO a Brighton

A continuació oferim un breu text redactat pel Gerard Ferret i la Dafne Mill, alumnes de 4t ESO, sobre la seva experiència a Brighton el març passat amb motiu de l’estada d’immersió lingüística:


This travel to the United Kingdom, mainly to the city of Brighton, has been a different way of discovering the British culture and routines and its people. In the first place, we had the opportunity to stay with native families, whose kindness and hospitality made us feel very comfortable when speaking in English. Our hosts helped us indeed to improve our speaking. In addition, being able to attend classes at Blatchington Mill School brought us the opportunity to know how the class dynamics are, the running of a High School and the syllabus of some subjects, among others. Besides, from the beginning we were given an overwhelming and charming welcome by the students. Our buddies (the pupils who guided us and stayed by our side during the class schedule) were also kind and helpful to us, as well as their friends. Furthermore, the trips we made (around Brighton and Hove, The Green and the city of London) were well-organised and allowed us to participate and interact with the locals. This experience has been highly enriching and will remain in our memory for a long time.